Friday, June 28, 2013

Our Next Reunion Will Be the 40th, but ...

First, the news that directly impacts our class. There will be no reunion this year for the Class of 1978. Word has come down that our next reunion will be in the summer of 2018, which will mark our 40th year of freedom from the halls of Fort Dodge Senior High.

That doesn't mean this summer is reunion-free. The Class of 1977, which missed its 35th, is holding one for its 36th. It's happening on Aug. 9-11, and the centerpiece of the festivities will take place on Saturday, the 10th, with a gathering at the Community Tap at 7 p.m.

I'm sure the good folks from 1977 wouldn't mind if a few hanger-ons from the 1978 class were to show up and reminisce about the good, old days.

For more details, click here to check the Class of 1977's Facebook page.