Sunday, March 26, 2017

Register for the Directory!

It’s time to hear from you. What have you been doing the last 40 years and how did Fort Dodge Senior High help shape your life?

Our directory/database is ready for your entries. The site’s address is But you will need to get the User Name and Password first.

How do you obtain this information? Send and email with your name as it appeared in the high school yearbook in the subject line.

The email address: FortDodge1978 (at) Remember to replace the (at) with @ and remove the spacing. (We do this to prevent bots from gathering the email and spamming the address.)

Note that your email will be added to the directory/database containing your yearbook mugshot and our FortDodge1978 address book unless you request otherwise. Once verified, you will receive the User Name and Password for the site.

Again, this is done for security reasons. The User Name and Password are meant only for classmates, so please do not share. We value your privacy and if the site is compromised, we will change the User Name and Password and notify all verified members by email. That’s another reason we need your email.

What else can be included? We urge that you write a bio about your life after Senior High, and if you wish, a physical mailing address. Neither is required, but the more classmates who include bios will add to the wealth of the site. Write as much or little as you want. It’s the Internet and there are no space constraints. Only the administrator can add information so yes, you have to email it in.

If you want to get the User Name and Password and get a feel for the site before writing a bio, we’re down with that. If you need an example bio, please check the entry for Jay Christensen. It’s the only bio on the site as of this posting.

The site is easy to navigate and you can click a letter under “Categories” or type a name into the “Search” field. We’ve also included links to the website and Facebook pages along with an email link. There’s also a “Home” link, which takes you back to the entry page.

We have gone to an online directory/database for two reasons. First, it eliminates the costs of printing a program. Second, the directory/database is fluid and can be updated if you decide to make changes or — heaven forbid — if the administrator somehow screws something up, highly unlikely as that might be….

There are 464 classmates on the site. The administrator reserves the right to hassle membership from time to time to add bios and assumes no responsibility to the accuracy of any information (legal disclaimer).

The structure is in place, so let’s fill it up! And encourage others to do so. If this works as planned, it’s going to be rad. I have enormous faith in all the classmates!

If you have any questions, post them below or send an email.

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